Permanent Residency – Check!

It’s been almost 6 months since first arriving in Canada and the immigration process is finally complete, almost 2 years to the day from starting with my nursing credential assessment process. After starting my Canadian job on November 27th 2017, the next thing to do was apply for permanent residency (PR) via express entry. A […]

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First Impressions – The Job

Optimistic – Is the one word I’d use for my first impression. I’m working with a great team, they have been so welcoming and friendly. The whole team is made up of people from all over the world, Jamaica, Australia, South Africa, as well as from all over Canada. This brings together a really eclectic mix […]

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The Arrival

Taking my vacation at the end of one job and before the start of a new one seemed like an amazing idea. 2 weeks on a cruise ship with family and friends to relax. Leg 1: Sailing from Southampton UK to Miami FL and a few days in the sun. What could be wrong with […]

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IELTS Horror

It’s taken me almost a week for the stress of IELTS to subside so that I can talk about it. This makes it sound like the test is really hard… strangely (adverb) it is! I expected, as a native English speaker, for a basic (adjective) English (Proper noun) test (noun) to be a like walk […]

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Is the Grass Always Greener?

Is the grass always greener? Is change as good as a rest? Or, should everyone get a pair of rose-tinted glasses so they can see only the good in the world around them? I consider myself to be generally optimistic about the world, my glass is mostly have full. However, a couple of challenging work […]

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